Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Knick-Knack Paddy Whack...

Good evening all. Thank you so much to everyone for entering my blog giveaway and so many kind words about my special pouch. If I had this pouch I would have to buy a lovely mirror compact to keep in it as I think it's ideal for something girlie and gorgeous. Without much ado I would like to announce the winner... congratulations to Windy Cindy xx

I'll be having more blog giveaways soon so please look out for them.

Whilst I'm here I thought I would post some of the tens of photos that my adorable daughter took of the TV one morning whilst I was busy on the computer. It wasn't until I got hold of the camera later that day did I realise how many photos she took! I think they are quite clever, and if you put them altogether would make a great flip book.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Blog Giveaway

Hello hello hello. I am so easily distracted...one wee holiday to London and my knitting and blogging gets pushed aside. Yes, hubby and I went off to London for three days whilst Miss G went up to Forfar to visit Granny. It's amazing how much she seemed to grow up in the few days we were aways from her. Her speech is so clear now and appears to be still growing. Such a tall girl...she's only 4 and is wearing 6-7 year old clothes. my goodness.

We had a lovely time in London. I couldn't tell you what we did but we had a lovely time bumming around together.
I know I promised you a blog giveaway in February, but February kind of disappeared on me. You know how it is. However, I am very happy to announce that I have made a special 'Knick-Knack Pouch' (It's only 9x9cm big and my photos make my button look dark blue when it is purple). It's special because it's the first of it's kind and it all came from my head! So to win my very special pouch you have to tell me what knick-knacks you would put in your special pouch? Good luck and I look forward to reading your responses. x Oh and the closing time for my giveaway is 7:30pm (GMT) on Tuesday 10th March.