Friday, 13 November 2009

A Sad Day

I've had to close my knitting shop. I decided it was for the best as it wasn't really financially viable (the knitting was taking hours to do...precious hours that I could be painting) and I'm not able to keep up with my orders at the moment. My pregnancy is making me very tired but I am also itching to make things for myself and my home. My sister is laughing at me cause she thinks I'm 'nesting'...grrrrr.

I want to make decorations for the house such as a Christmas tree skirt and a mantel piece decoration. I have bought all of the material I now just need my mum to help me get my sewing machine up and running again. Every time I go to use it it jams!

Last Christmas was pretty stressful with the amount of glove orders I had so I'm looking forward to a more peaceful one. I plan on coming back to Etsy next year with a new shop, but selling something that is quicker to make, but the ideas can wait until the new year.

The Christmas lights get turned on the Saturday in Paisley and the reindeer's (yes real ones) come to town and I'm really excited cause I every year I am working and always miss it. So there are benefits to being self-employed :O)

Hope everyone is well and enjoying the cold weather. I had left my washing out over night on Monday and when I went to collect it it was rock hard with frost. I couldn't even bend it to get it in the washing basket! So we had puddles of water all over the house as it defrosted! Not the brightest thing I have ever done.
Love L x

Friday, 6 November 2009

Off to the Framers

Finally finished my two paintings that are going into the Christmas Exhibition at's Edinburgh gallery. The exhibition opens on the 28th November so feel free to drop by and have a nosey if you are in the area of Stockbridge.

Boats on Loch LomondView of Loch Laich from Appin

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Some Exciting News

I am proud to announce that the Smith family is expecting a new addition to the family next April....
I'm doing good. Just a bit tired and getting annoyed that I can't do as much as I want to. Grace is so so excited and kissing my bump every day!

I am also officially self-employed. I'm just waiting for a letter from the tax man so I can open up my business bank account. I'm very excited but a bit daunted by the whole tax thing but I'm sure that my mathematical genius of a husband will help me out.

As promised here are my three new items that I have added to my shop today. Still more to come (I hope!). I have possibly two craft fairs coming up in November/December so I had better get knitting!

Oh and something scary from the weekend! I spent most of yesterday feverishly sewing and making Miss G's costume but it was all worth it. Grace went trick or treating with her wee pals and came back with a booty of sweets like I have never seen before! She then sat on the kitchen floor dividing the sweets into ones that she likes and ones she doesn't like...all the more for me x

Hubby carved the job x