Thursday, 9 July 2009

You say it's your birthday

Pink Sky In Morning II

This is a birthday dedication post to my co-worker Heather Lander who's birthday it is today...happy birthday Husky :O)
As it's her birthday I thought I would do a post dedicated to her artwork. As some of you know I work in a commercial art gallery based in both Glasgow and Edinburgh gallery. We both work in the Glasgow gallery and Heather shows her work in the galleries and does very well. My mum and dad commissioned a large double panel piece for their kitchen which I saw up for the first time this summer and it looks fantastic. Hope you enjoy looking at Heather's work and if you would like any further information you can visit her website or visit the gallery.

Heather is originally from Portland, Maine but has a settled in Glasgow since she attended Glasgow School of Art to study fine art (97-99). Her mother lived in Florida and takes a lot of inspiration from her garden and can you spot the Pelicans?

Zebra Jungle Seated

Pelican in Purple Light

Outline of Pelican

Which one is your favourite? I'm eyeing one up for our kitchen.

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Laura B said...

These are fantastic! I would choose the last picture, for my bedroom :)