Thursday, 27 August 2009

Dolly Mixtures

I wasn't sure what to blog about hence taking so long to blog again. So I have decided to blog a bit of everything.
I'm still knitting away and having fun with new colour combinations. I've had this red ribbon in my box for about a year and have finally added it to a pair of my gloves. However, I think I need to re-take my photos again and I definitely need a model for my gloves. Someone to show my gloves off to their best potential....any takers?

I have also had a commission to knit some arm cuffs for a lady in America who is in the process of having blood transfusions and wanted to have the top of her arms covered up and this is what I came up with. Very soft, pretty and you think there is a market for these as I think they are lovely?

Last Thursday Grace and I went to a friend of Grace's birthday party...what a cutie x


blue moss said...

hi...the red looks great on those gloves
and the arm warmers do look lovely
and of course grace is adorable

hope you are well

Laura B said...

I love your new gloves, the red is so bright, great combination!

Your arm cuffs are great too, I'm sure their new owner will be delighted.

Laura x

Ben Mcfuzzylugs said...

What a good idea with the arm cuffs

I also had someone say one of my wrist cuffs would make a good plaster cast cover - you could try that too, pretty ways to cover a broken arm