Saturday, 17 October 2009

Happy days on the East coast

Just spent the last three days enjoying clear blue skies and chilly climes on the East coast of Scotland visiting my Mother-in-Law in Forfar. We went for a couple of lovely long walks out in the countryside and I had so much fresh air I was going to bed early every night!

On Thursday we all went for a two hour walk around Brechin (not so clear skies but very mild). Grace did a grand job and only really complained about being a bit tired and hungry towards the end, but a story of Cinderella told by mum kept her going!

On Friday we went out for lunch (which took FOREVER to be served to us!) then went for a walk along to the Reekie Linn waterfall. The walk to the waterfall is a very narrow path with a 120ft drop down to the water! So daddy had a tight hold of Grace there and back. Such a lovely walk and such a wonderful view.

PS. This post is dedicated to my fantastic sister whose birthday it is today....happy birthday sis xxxxxxxxxxx


Chris said...

What an adorable little photo journal! Looks like it was a wonderful day, and wow, what beauty!

Thanks for stopping by, too. I've been missing from the blogging scene for a while, so I'm trying to get back into it as well....

(P.S. Happy birthday to your sis! :)

hawksby said...

Great pics, what a wonderful walk, I love walking through forests, so serene - I especially like the little wood nymph hiding in the tree, very cute!! So glad you had a great time xxxxx

Laura B said...

These photos are beautiful! I love the one with the family off in the distance and the forest engulfing them :)