Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Easter Madness

Hope you all had a fantastic Easter and ate a huge amount of chocolate? I know I did and I then spent the rest of the day (and the next day) telling Grace 'NO' to any more chocolate!

My Hubby likes to do treasure hunts (see the post for Grace's birthday in November) and this Easter he didn't let us down. Grace, me, sis and Granny all had to go from room to room finding colour coded cardboard egg parts, until all our parts made four eggs in total. I think my sister enjoyed it a bit too much and beat us all (including Grace) to finding all the parts! Great fun though and Grace loved helping Granny who couldn't find any of the parts!I've been trying to make pouches for the summer months to sell in my Etsy shop and here is my first one and I'm rather pleased with it.

I also knitted these dark gray gloves with a touch of cashmere embellished with a light silver satin ribbon....lovely, soft and cosy.

It's my Hubby's birthday today....32 and still looking fab! So this is a birthday post dedicated to the birthday boy. Grace and I are off to meet him for lunch, then I'm cooking a birthday dinner, followed by a game or two on the Wii I think. HAPPY BIRTHDAY J xxx


hawksby said...

Great to see all the pictures, especially loved the one of the three easter eggs - if you squint James' beard looks quite golden!! Looks like you had a fab time - I obviously didn't provide enough treasure hunts for Heather as a child...!! Sounds like he had a fab birthday. xxx

Laura B said...

what a great post but maybe not the most flattering photo of MrJ! Lokks like MissyG had a great time too. x

Georgia B. said...

great picture! your hubby looks like a fun guy!

love the gloves, too! so cute!

Ken said...

Hi Lorna,

How are you? Sorry for the late reply, just wanna say thanks for the kind words on my blog!

Glad you had a good Easter, looks like a fun day! - I miss all those easter egg hunts I would do as a kid - though I still indulge in the chocolate side of things... :D

Your knitted items are looking great! Its a good skill to have :)


PS.. yeh still got some postcards left!