Friday, 8 May 2009

Getting all Arty Farty

I was speaking to someone today at work (I promised you an image of the gallery I work at so here you go) who has just finished her degree in Art History at Glasgow University. She asked my what my dissertation was about, which was turn of the 20th century Scandinavian Impressionist art. I loved doing my dissertation so i thought I would share some of the paintings that I enjoy. Another reason this came to mind today was I came across the paintings and prints by Janet Hill. Janet's interior paintings remind me of the interior paintings that the Scandinavian artists, such as Anna Ancher, Peter Ilsted and Vilhelm Hammershoi loved to paint. It also reminds me of the work by one of my dear friends Caroline Walker, who is currently in London finishing off her MA in painting at the Royal College of Art, London.

"Tea Service" by Janet Hill

Peter Ilsted
Vilhelm Hammershoi
Anna Ancher
"Frognal Lane 9.30am" by Caroline Walker

"Frognal Lane 2pm" by Caroline Walker

I have a very special charcoal drawing by Caroline in my hallway and I would love a oil painting to go with it, but I think she has hit the big time now and is destined for great things... keep you eye out for her name in the bright lights!


A Gift Wrapped Life said...

Thank you for stopping in and your comments. Enjoyed my return visit and see you found Janet Hill. You are absolutely right in the comparisons. Shall return for a longer visit. Have a wonderful day on Mother's Day with your 4 yr-old...they love hugs at that age!

Laura B said...

Hello Missy!
I love these paintings and new artists for me to look at, I don't know much about Scandanavian art at all, so thanks for inspiring me!
Hope you have a lovely weekend in this drizzle and need to catch up for a cuppa soon xxx