Monday, 11 January 2010

That Monday Feeling

Not feeling too hot today so taking it easy today. We had a busy weekend doing jobs out and about and in the house. Some would call it nesting, I call it early Spring cleaning :O)

Over New Year we went to visit my folks in France for a bit of r'n'r and had a lovely time. It didn't snow...just a bit chilly x

Despite the cold Grace spent half to holiday outside walking the dogs, feeding the nutty sheep apples, collecting the chicken eggs and feeding the ducks....happy as can be x
If I had room in my suitcase I would have come home with a dog and another cat but I don't think my two ginger lap-hoggers would have been too chuffed!
Well I had better go and do something productive whilst waiting to hear back from the parcel company who still hasn't been able to send my two paintings to the USA. I sent them express delivery on the 21st December and they say it's all down to the bad weather. Not so good considering the delivery time is supposed to be 1-2 days!

Oh and here is the second commission in all it's glory:


blue moss said...

your vacations pics look so lovely
...i hope you are feeling well. i've been thinking of you.
your "new" room sounds fantastic, but you are right, it does have a lot to live up to if it is going to be all those things. i am sure you will make it wonderful.
love your new commission

Heather said...

Hello my lovely...aww I want a cocker spaniel:) That is a fab pic of Grace and Dexter! I hope your relaxing after your shopping trip:) Love and hugs H xoxox

Ben Mcfuzzylugs said...

Looks lovely
and your painting is fab! Shame about the postage!
Grace looks great - she is growing up all the time.
Hope you are feeling better now

Laura B said...

Beautiful photos from your hols! Grace looks quite at home snuggling with Dexter!
Your commission looks great, I'm sure its new owners will be delighted!