Monday, 25 January 2010

It all comes to light

For about a year now anytime I wanted to listen to music on the computer whilst on the computer I have had to unplug the lamp and plug in the speakers leaving me a bit in the dark and straining to see the keyboard! However, just this very minute I realised I had a spare plug beside the TV! Don't ask me why it has taken me so long to realise this....sometimes I'm a bit slow x

I'm enjoying typing along to the soundtrack of 'Juno'...thank you to my lovely neighbour Laura B. for the loan xxx

I have been a busy bee around the house sorting, throwing this and that out, cleaning, making way for the new little person who will be joining us soon. My home is slowly getting there but I still see lots to be done. However, today I took a bit of time out watching two episodes of The West Wing surrounded by ginger hips needed the rest (so so sore and going to see the physio on Friday thank goodness).

Well the update on the parcel of my two painting commissions that I send back on the 21st December to the USA is that they think it is lost and never even left Paisley! Grrrrrrrr is all I have to say to that.

Well I will leave you with a video of my favourite tune of the moment by Paolo Nutini called 'Candy'. The words are gorgeous and there is the added bonus of the lad coming from see him every so often on the train to and from Glasgow eating a fish supper with his pals. Keeping it real!


Ben Mcfuzzylugs said...

Hey, how you getting on?? Hope the physio helps, you take it easy.
Shame about the paintings, they lost one of my parcels on the was to Canada last year, it is such a pain!

Laura B said...

I am soooo loving P Nattini, thanks or the introduction :)

Let there be light- i love it when moments like that happen, usually i struggle with something for ages and as soon as i mention it to stu he suggests the most obvious yet overlooked solution!


Heather said...

You are a nesting queen, am jealous of your west wing ginger cat moment cos I miss my big ginger cat:) Call whenever you like and I hope your hips feel better, i'm very happy your going to the physio:) Love and hugs your lil sis xoxo

hawksby said...

Listening to the Paisley lad this morning really cheered me up - not that I needed cheering up, but you know what I mean! Take it easy between now and the physio appt - you need to take care and rest more.....I know, nag,'s only coz we love you! Rub to the bump. Love and hugs xxxxxxx