Thursday, 18 March 2010

Heavy stuff

Well as usual I have neglected my blog so I thought I would up date all with the progress of my bump and some photos of what we have been up to recently.

As you can see I am getting VERY big and boy is baby heavy! Only five and a bit weeks to go and we are getting pretty excited. We haven't decided on names yet (we don't know what we are having) and still some essentials to purchase but I have my labour bag packed and some nappies bought so we'll be fine. I'm hoping to have the baby in the one and only birthing pool here in Paisley's midwife led unit, so I have told them that when I am ready to come in they have to chuck whoever is in the pool out! I had Grace in the same pool so fingers crossed. I had the midwife yesterday and all is and mum all doing good. My pelvis is still giving me jip but my hubby is doing a grand job of looking after me and a lovely friend of ours is picking up Grace on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to save me from doing too much. Our neighbours Miss B and Mr S are doing a much appreciated job of taking Grace out with their dogs so she can stretch her restless legs. So many lovely people who live nearby that I have got to know over the past couple of years.Miss Grace and I haven't been very well the past week but we are both thankfully on the many bugs about with the change in the weather. It is so so lovely seeing the sun out and a few flowers after such a cold and snowy winter.

Playing at Rouken Glen Park and a very big tree!

Homemade fairy cakes on fancy plates

School photo day

Things I like to do with my daddy

I have started three paintings for the summer exhibition at the gallery I used to work for so I'll post them up as soon as I'm finished...hopefully in the next couple of weeks xx


yarnabees said...

Congratulation on the baby bump! You are a brave woman, I have had
7 children and never once thought to have them at home. I really enjoyed reading your blog and it is understandable on neglecting your blog being pregnant and having a family is a lot of work, Being a Wife and Mom is a lot of work! :o)

blue moss said...

You look adorable with your baby bump ! So glad that you and grace are feeling better.....and grace is just growing up. :)
Thinking of you....
Take care

Laura B said...

I love these photos! Especially the one with Grace in front of the tree and I can see up her nostrals!

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend, speak tomorrow xxx

Lydia said...

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