Sunday, 4 April 2010

Pigging out on Chocolate!

Well it's that time of year again where you eat WAY too much chocolate and always regret it afterwards. Happy Easter to everyone and hope you are enjoying the holiday weekend. We have had a very creative couple of days here in the Smith household. On Saturday after being out and about at the car boot sale, doing an egg hunt in the local museum, having lunch out, a spot of shopping and a trip to the park (which included a ride on the miniature railway...I'm sure health and safety really shouldn't let 37 week pregnant ladies on but no one said anything). After all that we all sat down (including daddy) for about 2 hours painting and decorating paper plates with different designs and I think they look pretty spiffy.....

I think they will be taking pride of place on Grace's bedroom wall very soon.

After Sunday morning tea and toast, Daddy took Grace to the shops whilst I set out two egg for both Daddy and Grace and the other just for Grace. The first was just finding halves of cardboard eggs hidden around the house whilst the second were carefully hidden clues and puzzles for Grace to follow which finally led her to her chocolate egg booty. A bit slow at first, but once she got the hang of it she was off like a flash. Really good fun to watch and will be a sad day when she no longer wants to do treasure hunts.
Happy Easter xxxx


hawksby said...

Love the plates - well done all three of you - lovely to see the pics of the treasure hunt - she won't grow out of these - I still love them!! Hugs to all and the bump xxxxxx

olivia said...

Oh my goodness. Lorna Smith chocolate is just short of this side of heaven. I saw your website and the chocolate rampage at Easter time and it reminded me of the sweet induced euphoria our whole family group experienced . After a chocoholic and sugar rampage on Easter how did you get the family to sit long enough to complete those great painted paper plates. I think that my favorite plate was the chick breaking out of his little egg. That’s just plain adorable. Your child making short work of the chocolate was pretty sweet also. Kids have a look of total pleasure as they devour candy and sweets. I think that Easter brings out the creative urge in all us frustrated Picassos. You need to update your cute site. I can’t wait to see your newest adventures are. You’re really creative . I love to see other people painting, designing and putting together ideas. Great family shots and wonderful exploits. I wish you the best.

sofi moukidou said...

omg! i do love your creations and your blog! really good job!
follow you, hope you follow me too!