Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Neglect is a terrible thing.

I have been neglecting my blog and I think I am having withdrawal symptoms...I'm irritable, tired, anxious! Or I could just be busy being a mum ha ha x I have still been busy creating things but I just haven't had the chance to show you all. On Monday I took a day off work to concentrate on my paintings and to hopefully get some natural daylight...ha! It ended up being the dullest day ever and worked all day with the lights on, but I did get a big-ish painting almost completed and worked on the other two. I'm still not overly happy with them. I should post them and let you tell me what you think, but only constructive criticism would be allowed....telling me they are lovely won't cut it!

Thanks to my beautiful friend next door (
LauraBaillieDesigns) I have 4 commissions of gloves and I sold a couple of drawings last weekend. Happy days.

I've started my Christmas cards and busy trying to think of creative things to make for Miss G's butterfly tea party which is a week on Sunday. I thought of butterfly paper chains and butterfly cakes so any other ideas would be appreciated.

Miss G and I are chillin after a busy trip it Ikea and Marks and Spencers who has 20% off everything today...sooo many people! Definitely an incentive to do all of my shopping online this year.


Chris said...

I hear ya. I'm just getting over a cold, so I've been out of blogging action for almost a week. It's amazing how much you miss for such a short time! I'm still reading blogs after sitting down a few hours ago to do so! I hope things go more smoothly for you :)

Bec said...

wow, i love the chocolate and pastel shade combined. It's really sophistique and pretty. :)