Sunday, 30 November 2008

It's about time!

Hello.....I am still here, alive and well (almost!). I have just had the busiest week ever with an exhibition opening at work (I work in a commercial art gallery) and a tea party today for Miss G who turned 4 this week. Hopefully this coming week will be more peaceful and I'll sleep easier.

Grace had a lovely birthday and her gorgeous Daddy made her a visual treasure hunt to find her box of treasures. Each clue led her to somewhere in the house where the next clue was and the final picture was on the computer showing her where her pressies were hiding (under the kitchen table!). She loved it and had so much fun doing it....thank you Daddy X

Here are some pictures from today's party and the cake that you see Grace with was made specially for her by one of my sister's friends and it was truly amazing. It tasted like a shop bought cake and it looked amazing. Miss G loved it.


Izabela said...

Happy Birthday Miss G! what a yummy cake! mmm...

David said...

I loved the pictures and have downloaded them for my set, thanks. Sounds like she had a great time,



Laura B said...

looks like a fab time was had by all! the cake is yummy mmmmm, thanks x