Monday, 1 December 2008

Knitting the Night Away

My KnitTwits shop on Etsy looks like it had a good week as I think it was featured in a treasury then possibly posted on the front page of Etsy as I received over 500 hits on one pair of my fingerless gloves! I almost fell of my chair! It's just a shame that no one told me I was featured as I couldn't thank them....thank you whoever you are.

I've been having lots of lovely comments on my gloves which is so nice to hear and lots of orders so I'm off to do a bit more knitting before I collapse in my bed. Suzanne from Bliss Soybean Candles and Gifts has featured a pair of my fingerless gloves on her blog. Thank you so much for the feature and in return I would like to say how gorgeous your candles look and only wish you weren't so far away as i would have one in a heartbeat! I bet they smell delicious XX

My neighbour commissioned me to knit a pair of cosy pink leg warmers for her friend's birthday and I think they turned out rather spiffy! I wouldn't mind a pair myself.

I'll post my paintings of Loch Lomond this week. My mother-in-law had a look at them and reassured me that they were good, but there is still one that needs a bit of tweaking. How has your week been? Anyone all organised for Christmas? I was just looking at my diary to organise a lunch date with my friend and the days are slipping away before my eyes. I don't really mind though as I LOVE Christmas and I plan on doing all of my shopping online!

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Laura B said...

Thank you for the oh so kind mention! I know thw time is slipping away fast, but it's all good :) I am just about to complete all my shopping online too, just one person to go!