Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Humpday Happenings

Well, as always we have had a busy Wednesday. This morning was taken up with mummy being a boring poop-head on the computer as I was adding my latest edition to my KnitTwits store....

I then did half an hour on the Wii fit (does that class as exercise?), had lunch, then off we went to Rouken Glen Park with friends to play in the park. Wellies were adorned with coats, scarfs and gloves and a lovely time was had by all. Not only did we play in the playground, but we also took a nice walk to the waterfall at the rear of the park and threw a penny in for a wish. We then fed the ducks followed swiftly by a much deserved fruit scone and a cup of tea. Then back to the car via another quick play in the playground. Miss G is now all snuggled up on the couch watching "MouseHunt" and looking very sleepy, which isn't surprising.

Last night hubby and I went to see a special preview of "Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist" which stars Michael Cera (Juno and Superbad) and Kat Dennings.

It's all set in New York over one night and a series of events happen whilst they are trying to find a secret gig of their favourite band. If you love New York, music and romantic comedies (this one is a High School romance comedy)...this is the film for you. I loved it. It had some brilliant one-liners ("I love you so much, it's retarded"....hee hee he (I was the only one laughing at that moment!)) and just made hubby and i super home-sick for New York....not that we are from New York, but hubby worked there for one and a half years and we fell in love with the place. We would move there in a heart beat.

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blue moss said...

never lived there...but am totally in love with new york too!!