Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Some of my favourite things....

"...Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens,
Bright copper kettles and warm woollen mittens....."

....cuddles from my little girl and reading her a story at bed time
....My mother-in-law's golden syrup pancakes with extra syrup on top...yum

....sitting down with a cup of tea, a big bit of cake (any kind, I'm not fussy!) and watching a good girly film or period drama...girly heaven.
.....going somewhere romantic just with my hubby and not being ill!
.....going to the movies
.....going for a walk in the countryside or beach, getting really cold, then coming home and warming up in front of a fire with a cup of tea.
.....finding in my house a nice pen that works!

What are some of your favourite things....let me know and on Sunday 18th January I'll draw a name from a hat. The winner will receive a pair of my camel brown gloves with plum ribbon as pictured here, but the only difference is that the ribbon will be at the other end of the gloves! Something to cheer you all up and to banish away those January blues x

I managed to bag myself a treasury on Monday and I have filled it with lots of luscious plummy coloured's to the front page of Etsy!

"When the dog bites,
When the bee stings,
When I'm feeling sad,
I simply remember my favorite things,
And then I don't feel, so bad."


Laura B said...

I love your list! One of my favourite things is the first night in bed with clean crisp sheets :)

Doda said...

warm almond cookies,and walnuts and coffee,
olives and feta, and soft quishy toffee,
New packets of pencils and blackbirds that sing
These are a few of my favourite things...

Sarah said...

tiny books, chocolate brownies, brown cardboard boxes, trees...

ps I love your paintings of loch lomond, they're beautiful and really capture the mood of that area (I spent a month on a residency in Cove and I love it round there :) )

Crayonmonster said...

let's see, favorite things:
my family
hot chocolate
being creative
dresses over jeans
fuse beads
working with children
taking pictures

the list could basically go on and on!

blue moss said...

love your treasury...
my family
morning coffee
date night
going to the flea market
...and, believe it or not, january
-my birthday month :)
take care

Ben Mcfuzzylugs said...

wet puppy kisses and hot chocolate fondent
crisp frosty mornings and I am rubbish at rhyming :oD
cute idea, good luck with the givaway, I will link to you when I next blog said...

Hm.. Some of my favourite things lately are pairs of happy pigeons shopping for a new home at the skytrain station, stepping onto a seemingly hard mountain of ice and busting through the surface to hip-deep snow, and coming home each day to a warm room and a waiting sheet of paper. Then I pull out the pens and markers and draw to my hearts content.

Melissa Dawn said...

...stargazing on a crisp night, laughing with the girls over a hot cup of coffee, a primed board ready for me to paint, snuggling with my dachshund...

LornaSmithStudio said...

This is sooooo much fun...bringing a massive smile to my face :O) said...

A kitty on my lap...
A fresh cup of tea...
Starting my day with yoga...
Dogs playing on the beach...

Those gloves are GORGEOUS!

cloudhopping said...

Hmm let me see....

green and blacks chocolate,
Japanese craft books (even if I can't understand them the pictures are inspiring!),
chunks of Camembert on a cracker
wet kisses from my children,
watching the dog and cat sit by the fire together,
seeing the sun in winter,
the 1st listen to a CD you've been waiting to be released for ages,
eating tomatoes straight of the plant in the garden.....

I could go on but I'd better stop there!

Jeanette said...

I found you through Michelle, what a great giveaway!

Let's see...
a warm cup of Earl Grey
freshly baked cookies
date night with my husband
a good thrift store treasure hunt
and laughing until I cry

Georgia B. said...

oh, these are so cute! thanks for letting me know about the give-away.

let's see . . . my favorite things are peppermint mocha twists from starbucks, anything chocolate, eating a home cooked meal that my hubby makes, my second-hand sleeping on snow sweater from anthropologie, and a new recording by kings of leon that i have not stopped listening to for five days straight!

so much more, but i'll have to limit my list. :)

great give-away! thanks for doing it!

cg said...

Saw your cute, cute gloves at bluemoss!

Hmmmm - my favs:
a new notebook or journal
(or anything paper!)
my cozy shearling slippers
the perfect latte
my niece and nephews

KrazyFashion said...

Some of my favorite things are music, food, family, fabric, sewing, hugs, laughing, smiling, anything positive.

Contact me at if my name is drawn from the hat.

*crosses fingers*

ecky said...

my daughters giggle
the smell of play doh
a good wool hat

elkesten at yahoo dot com

williamslenny said...

chai tea
sleeping late
ribbon & trim shops
ferns & moss
puppy breath
flower markets
vintage lace
bedazzled denim
sequin tube tops
a certain boys tossled hair
sound of waves in the early morning

kat said...

a few of my favorite things:

a cup of caramel macchiatto
a set of mineral makeup
the wind on the beach
the smile of my honey
giving gifts
a nice perfume
and one whole chocolate cake =)


Heidi Jo said...

A few of my favorite things:
- taking a shower and then going to sleep on fresh, clean sheets
- waking up with hubby and watching a movie while snuggling on a Saturday morning
- having a sleeping kitty on my lap
- the smell of my shampoo
- having a clean, nice smelling house
- freshly pedicured feet
- holiday cookies

Diana said...

Favorite things...
My Lab dog Lucky,
My cat Fluffy,
My husband, ob boy he's after the pets! Sweaters in this weather, Audrey Hepburn movies, Latte, my gardens in summer.

Jayme said...

my favorite things are:
clean bed sheets
smooth shaved legs
my dog
the beach


•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Erin.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• said...

Your plum list is perfect!

A few of my favorite things?

Sleeping in
The smell of freshly pressed coffee
Waking up next to my husband
Letting the sheets flutter down ontop of me
My daughter's smile
Hmmm chocolate. Rich, dark chocolate.

veggiesamosa said...

Love those gloves :)
Some of my favorite things:
nursing my baby girl, avocados, finding pretty rocks on the beach, dancing in the living room with my girls, spring hikes, a hot bath with a good book.......

my7kids said...

My favorite things...
any (all) of my kids
motorcycle rides, no matter what the weather is like
purple (any color, any object)
scratch-made muffins
great sex with my dh (LOL)


JuliaA said...

the little noises that my cat makes when she's sleepy and content.

when i lived with my best friend and we would have tea and cookies on weekends.

AmandaSue said...

Some of my favorite things: Clouds and Blue Skies on a warm spring day, coconut, a nice hot cup of french vanilla tea, sparkly jewelry, and anything pink! Thanks for entering me :)

sherry smyth said...

I found you on etsy and love your work!!! Some of my favourite things are a glass of good red wine; a cup of tea in a bone china cup with saucer; anything that makes me laugh; comfortable pillows; someone cooking me a meal; homemade soup...and I could go on and on and on!!! Lovely idea and I would so very much love to win your mittens!! ♥

NewYorkMemos said...

My Favorite would have to be the Celestial Blue Fingerless Hand Knitted Gloves with Chocolate Brown Satin Ribbon. It's Gorgeous!


Chris said...

My favorite things?

Sleeping in, snuggling with my dogs and husband, photography, McDonald's french fries, Starbucks soy green tea lattes, shoes and fashion, thrift stores, online shopping, ice cream and candy, pedicures, What Not to Wear, reading, history, laughing...I can go on and on :)

Thanks for letting me know about the give away!

Andi said...

Having coffee with my hubby and planning our future.

Carolyn G said...

My favorite things:
hubby, kitties, fresh linens and towels, handmade soaps, food, cool crisp autumn days, fresh veggies from my garden and friends.


janil said...

I love this gloves!!!!!

Some of my favourite things:

my son's laughts,decorate my old house, love animals, acquire handmade, buy illustrated albums, a kiss from my hubby...

Izabela said...

my favorite things?
coffee, when my son gives me a picture he did himself, my daughter naughty times, breastfeeding three times a night, being woke up by sun in the summer, computer, music... there is so much more... I fave everything in my life

JewelryInfusions said...

The smell of my son's hair first thing in the morning
Rice pudding (craving this my whole pregnancy, so far)
Finally finishing a project

Jenna said...

One of my favorite things is lavender bubble bath. Love it! Thanks for the giveaway!

burrito said...

Favorite things: a day to myself with some good movies and good craft projects. a day with friends. cake. listening to the ocean. ;) I'm a simple girl to please.

mel*~reachforthestars~* said...

Dancing would be my favorite thing! I dancing with people who im close to makes it doubly fun and enjoyable... :)

Thanks for the giveaway!


Manhattan said...

I'll say sitting down on my armchair, taking the book "pride and prejudice" by jane austen would be my favorite thing! I love reading a good book. Hope i can win that for my niece!


Little Gray Pixel said...

+ fingerless gloves (!)
+ washing face at the end of a long day
+ cashmere sweaters
+ s'mores flavored lip gloss
+ snapping photos
+ winning giveaways (!)

littlegraypixel (at)

arielle said...

Gooey warm brownies, mint mocha, fresh snow, stargazing with my german shepherd on a crisp clear night, being with my family during the holidays...
Just a few of my favorite things!! :-)

ariellezander at gmail dot com

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Great Loves List!

One of my favorite things is snuggling up in my Mom's rag jacket...she made it and kept it in her studio to wear while she was crafting, and now I keep it in mine and it makes me feel close to her whenever I wear it.

Smiles, Karen

Lona said...

Peppermints (the hard red and white kind that you can get at Christmastime), good wool yarn, music that soothes, strong coffee with cream and sugar, and the comfortable feeling that comes when you sit amongst friends at church and know that God loves you...

Thanks for the lovely giveaway!

Lona at

teachablemoment said...

My favorite things:
My son when he wakes up in the morning with a smile and ready for the day!
When I come up with a wonderful new flannel board story to make and when my son wants to high 5 when "He did it!"

Leah said...

My favorite things:

The sound of my 15 month old sweet'um laughing, giggling, snorting and deliciously livin' it up!!!

Mangos in May!!

Helping my friends!!!

And, following my moon shadow!

Of course, there's more!

Thanks so much for this fabulous give~away! : )))


playswithclay said...

spending time with my kids and husband



Thank you!

LornaSmithStudio said...

Thank you to everyone who has entered...the competition is now closed. L x