Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Tuesday is the new Friday

I normally have Wednesday and Thursday off so Tuesday is my Friday (I normally work Saturday or Sunday), so I went to the movies with my sis to see "Confessions of a Shopaholic" staring Isla Fisher. Twas good. Amusing but not big belly laughs, but I recommend it if you like to shop and you like good looking English men (it had the very lovely Hugh Dancy...one to look out for I think).

Of course it was based on the books by Sophie Kinsella which I have upstairs in my mini library but haven't got around to read yet....I'll let you know when i do and we'll do a compare and contrast.

I have finished my white gloves order and have added them to my etsy shop. However, I think it is definitely time for something different for KnitTwits and a blog giveaway is a calling. I haven't been blogging as much as I would like as I have been spending my computer time looking up life insurance and pension stuff (very boring) and things to do in London as hubby and I are off for a three day trip next week....very excited. We got such a bargain deal with our train and hotel. Now all I have to do is to decided if I want to go see a play or a musical or the opera? decisions decisions! Any suggestions? Hubby and I used to work in London so we will be revisiting a few haunts.
Miss G has been a bit under the weather recently with swollen glands. So she has been stuck in the house quite a lot over the past week and cabin fever struck on Sunday and she demanded that we make chocolate chip cookies. So, being the good mother that I am, I duly got the recipe book out and all of the ingredients. I would like to point out that mummy was a bit hung over and had the beginnings of a head cold....so mummy wasn't feelin too hot. All of the ingredients were measured and added then whisked together....my electric whisk is a bit old and goes a bit too fast! "Mummy does it go any slower?", "No" said a cross mummy with cookie dough all over the kitchen (I like controlled cooking!). After many nibbled chocolate chips we eventually get them into the oven. After all of this Grace refused, as she always does when she bakes, to eat any of the cookies! strange child. I had three of them with a lovely cup of tea watching "High Society" whilst Grace fell asleep on my lap. bless x

My cold is a bit better today but I think I'll head to bed now read my book (a classy chick lit novel). Tomorrow Grace and I are off to see Bolt...can't wait. Oh and I have added a playlist to the end of my blog. Feel free to have a listen to some of my tunes. I had so much fun making it last night and I have so many more tunes I want to add. Thank you to Georgia B. at Etheral who gave me the idea of creating one.

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blue moss said...

hope you and your family are feeling better. have fun in London...i am super jealous :)
i love love love the white gloves...so pretty.
business has been good....very february-ish. i have a big show coming up at the beginning of march, so i'm super busy with that.
take care....going to see the white gloves now