Sunday, 8 February 2009

snow snow snow......

Well a touch of snow has finally arrived in Paisley, much to my four year old's delight! I think Paisley has to have been the last place in the whole of the UK to get some. We have had a few sprinkles, but there was finally enough this afternoon for Grace to make a wee snowman, but then the head fell off and it ended up being a rather deformed snowman with a tiny head! I watched and took photos from the safety of our top floor flat kitchen window...very wise I think.

off with it's head.
got the giggles.
throwing snowballs at mummy.
Then over the past few hours there has been more snow (very exciting..."mummy look at all the snow"), so I wonder how much there will be when we wake up tomorrow morning?

Our street
Well, 2009 has started out rather well for me. Not only did I reach my goal weight, but on the same week I finally received confirmation from my boss that I am getting my long awaited (three years) pay rise an a new work title of "Gallery Principal" (I work in an commercial art gallery for all those who didn't know). I feel very blessed as I know people are losing their jobs at the moment. I like my new title though... something different from the norm.

I'm still knitting and getting a few orders here and there, one of which is a commission of white wool and white ribbon...sounds lush and very in-keeping for all this snow we are getting. I'll post a photo of them when they are complete.

Hope everyone is well....any good news out there? I'm staying optimistic so I hope you are too. x


Laura B said...

What a beautiful evening snow shot! Isn't it lovely :)
Congratulations on reaching your goal and your swanky new title!!! You have worked so hard for both of these achievemnets :)

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Love the snow shots--how fun for you that rarely get snow (we get too much of it, it's more of a chore!) lol Congrats on reaching your weight goal (Yeah!) and on the new position and raise--that IS a good week!
Smiles, Karen

blue moss said...

the snow is so pretty....congrats on your goal reaching and new position...that's fabulous.
take care

Ben Mcfuzzylugs said...

Well done you, that is a really good start to the year.
Hope you all enjoyed the snow today, our street was attacked by many snowmen in the night
Really nice to see the kids out playing in the snow
(and the dogs, Ben ran out and started making snow faries, Mia is a little more practical and tried to turn all the snow yellow!)