Sunday, 14 September 2008

Bowled over

"Bowled Over" Pen and Ink with watercolour

I finished this drawing of Boyle Park bowling green, Forfar, last night but I'm not too happy with it. I think I spoiled it a bit with the watercolour. Hubby said I can't be wonderful all the time...oh yes I can!

As said by my dear mama it is now officially the end of summer as the Last Night of the Proms was last night so I was having a good sing-a-long whilst painting my picture!

Grace watching Tarzan.....

This morning whilst fiddling about with the computer Grace chilled out in her favourite TV spot! She's going through a lovely phase of calling everyone and everything "Baby" and is driving us all mad!

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Laura B said...

Oh yes you are perfect all the time! I love this piece, it is so bright and fresh, I love the shaddows from the bench.