Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Tiredness, Trees and Tennis!

I wasn't feeling too hot last night, but hubby thought it might be an idea to do some drawing whilst I watched the telly (watching QI trying to improve my knowledge of useless information!). So I got out my drawing board and pastels along with my photos of this amazing tree we found in Loch Lomond. Anyone who has been to Loch Lomond has probably seen this tree at Firkin Point.

I'll probably be doing more drawings of this tree very soon. I'm also working on some paintings of Loch Lomond which I'll be previewing on my blog very soon. I also watched some of the tennis on the Internet last night. Once Federer was pretty certain to win I went off to bed. Don't worry Andy...you'll kick his ass next time!

1 comment:

Laura B said...

This is a beautiful drawing, alsways a good way to clear your mind!