Thursday, 11 September 2008

Inspire Me Thursday

"Make a Wish..." Pen and Ink with watercolour

This is the first time I have done Inpire Me Thursday...thought I would give it a go and I'm pretty happy with my outcome. The topic for this week was breath and this image of my Aunty and Miss G blowing out the candles at my Aunty's 60th birthday came to me straight away. I think I'll try and do more pen and ink with figures in it...I think this is my first!
Here's to many more inspiring Thursdays.


bonaska said...

Very sweet that illustration flashing that moment as a picture, with your beautiful colours! Very intimate!


Laura B said...

This is a great illustration! It look just like a scene from a childens book, and you can tell that it is little Miss G!

Ben Mcfuzzylugs said...

That is really sweet
It does just make you smile